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Social Media Today has an interesting free webinar coming up:

How Social Data Powers Customer Experience


If your company isn’t analyzing the millions and millions of megabytes of social data out there, you’re way behind on the game. And if you’re using that social data simply to measure numbers that don’t really say anything about your company’s value in the market, you’re doing it wrong. So what should you be measuring, and how should you use what you measure to improve your company? In this webinar, we’ll identify the kinds of social metrics that can be useful for your company, and discuss ways to use those numbers to improve the only thing that really matters: your customers’ experience. But moving from hard numbers to a top-of-the-line customer experience isn’t an easy process, especially if your company doesn’t already have a system in place.

Join us as our panelists discuss:

  • The areas of social–including Twitter, blogs, and forums like Reddit–that you should be leveraging to gather information;
  • What kinds of data to look at to determine how your brand is perceived and interacted with;
  • Which tools and platforms work best to filter the data in a meaningful, readable way;
  • How to use that data to predict your customers’ desires and proactively provide value to them before they know they need it.

Host: Social Media Today
Date: 9/22/15
Time: 12:00 p.m. EST

Register for the webinar

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