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Here’s a list of upcoming free webinars that focus on marketing:

Elusive Buyer 2.0: How to Move Them from Anonymity to Revenue


Did you know that buyers spend only 21% of their buying process in conversations with salespeople?

With buying committees growing and “visible” sales cycles shrinking, the ability of marketers to engage anonymous website visitors, transition them into named-accounts, and enable salespeople to productively pursue deals is critical for improving revenue performance.

Don’t leave revenue on the table. Join us for this free seminar and learn how to identify prospects faster, be more relevant to their needs from your first interaction, and gain more insight into their buying process. You’ll walk away better able to address qualified opportunities in this new, elusive buyer marketplace.

What Will You Learn?

  • Why anonymous accounts are not as invisible as you think
  • Why every impression counts
  • How Moneyball theory can uncover hidden revenue
  • The power of personalization
  • When to move from individual prospect to named-account strategy
  • How Buyer 2.0 changes marketing opportunities

Host: Demandbase
Date: 4/12/12
Time: 12:00 p.m. EST

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SEO 101: Get Your Website Found by Search Engines


Do you want to rank higher in Google and other major search engines, but don’t know where to start? In this webinar you’ll learn fundamentals that can be used to improve your website fast, and you won’t need to have ninja programming skills to get it done. The expert that grew Manta to 30 million visitors a month will teach you:

  • How search engines work and how to improve your rank in them
  • The best on-page optimization tricks
  • How to incorporate SEO into your business even if you’re a one man band

Host: Manta
Date: 3/29/12
Time: 3:00 p.m. EST

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The Shopper Economy: The New Way to Achieve Marketplace Success by Turning Behavior into Currency


Today, there is a new currency that extends beyond the dollar. It is made possible by digital technology and can be minted by anyone with a smartphone. This new currency is behavior.

This webinar will point out a new kind of transaction at work in our economy – shopper behavior in exchange for digital scrip. Shoppers are getting real value for behaviors such as: paying attention to an ad, telling a friend or walking into a store. This isn’t an old fashioned “Buy To Get” promotion. Shoppers aren’t necessarily buying anything. Yet, they are earning real value.

This new kind of transaction will revolutionize the way we market goods and services because it shifts the labor and budget of marketing directly onto the shopper. In this webinar, participants will get

  • A framework to understand an important new transaction between shopper and seller
  • A new way to think about driving shopper behavior
  • A preview of the newly released book the Shopper Economy

Host: Awareness
Date: 4/19/12
Time: 2:00 p.m. EST

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