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My website is built on WordPress. It’s a fabulous content management system and it’s been pretty easy to get this website up and running (although it still needs tweaking).

If you currently use WordPress or are considering it, you should check out Creating with WordPress, a blog written by Nicolette Tallmadge. She offers tips on how to develop and maintain a website using WordPress.

I became acquainted with Nicolette via another of her websites, The Crafted Webmaster. On that website, she focuses on how artists can use internet marketing to promote their businesses. Being a bookbinder, as well as a technology consultant, I was immediate drawn to her blog.

Nicolette is a great resource and offers amazing content across all of her websites. Her advice on The Crafted Webmaster is geared towards artists, but there’s information on it that’s relevant to most everyone.

If you’d like to learn more about Nicolette and her work, you can connect with her in the following ways:

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